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Friends of the Lexington Senior Center

The appealing, accessible, amenity-rich, abuzz-with-activity-Senior Center on Life Lane is just one more reason to celebrate living in Lexington.

The Friends of The Lexington Senior Center are here to help keep things lively by catching the little things that tend to slip through the cracks in operating budgets.

Little things like well-supplied art and music studios, well-maintained exercise equipment and well-stocked shelves of paper goods for purposes both practical and creative. Little things like free coffee to encourage camaraderie and conversation and free rides so those without transport don’t miss out on the fun.

We’re here to do the little things friends do for friends, so it’s no accident we chose a friendship quilt, a symbol of a community stitched together by common cause, to visually represent our mission.

We believe Lexington seniors deserve a lively place to convene, create, compete, exercise, engage, explore, play, and make the most of life. If you think so too, you can make a secure donation here. Friends of the Lexington Senior Center is a 501c3 so your donations will be both tax deductible and hugely appreciated.

For other ways to help as a volunteer, donating professional services or in-kind donations, please contact Kristy Stambaugh, Director of Lexington’s Aging and Disability Services.

The Lexington Senior Center

Free for Fayette County residents over 60

Over 300 visitors a day (5 times more than previous center)

Open Monday to Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Fitness studios, billiards, game rooms, library, cafe, dining room, outdoor patios, outdoor walking track and more!

Average of 131 new participants a month

Warm, welcoming, well-designed and appointed, light-filled 33,000 square foot space

Arts and music, exercise and fitness, indoor and outdoor games and group activities, educational seminars, workshops, talks, group travel and more!

Contact Us

Friends of the Lexington Senior Center

195 Life Lane, Lexington, KY 40502